Water cooling, mixing and dosing appliances

Water cooling, mixing and dosing devices, an important factor of product quality in bakery and confectionary production

Water dosing devices, provide a simple and hygienically safe way to add water to the mixture, directly from the tap.

When producing various bakery and confectionery products, where water temperature plays a significant role in dough proofing and affects the course of microbiological processes and formation of the finished product structure, the water dosing devices with thermostat temperature control are highly recommended.

For hot summer months, when the temperature of the tap water may not be sufficiently low, to use it directly for the preparation of cold dough, it is smart to install also a suitable water-cooling device.

In practice, the selected water mixing and dosing device is connected directly to a source of tap water and to a source of hot or cold water. Depending on the set dosing temperature, the device blends the water from two connected sources:

  • tap water + hot water
  • tap water + cooled water
    in the appropriate ratio.

For more demanding users, water mixing and dosing devices, can be delivered with three inlets, for connection to:

  • tap water
  • hot water (hot water boiler)
  • cooled water (cold water boiler or water chiller)

Dosing and mixing of water is thus quick and effective even in case, when using many different recipes.

Water mixing and dosing devices, with interfaces for connection and communication with external monitoring systems, as well as dosing systems for the supply and management of raw materials are intended for industrial users.

A water mixing and dosing devices is an important part of equipment even in the smallest bakery.

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