Multi confectioner is a multi-row encrusting machine for confectionary:

  • Compact high-performance machines for the confectionery industry and installation in an automatic production line
  • Rheon Encrusting production principle: 2 layers products: outer casing and inner layer or filling or. stuffing
  • Possibility of filling the product with two fillings or creating a 2-color outer layer
  • Casing and filling ratio is freely adjustable
  • Production of different types of cookie: Chip Chocolate Cookie, Margueritte, Soft Center Cookie
  • With optional devices, mosaic cookies, double filling cookies and twist cookies can be made in addition to regular and single filling cookies


Marguerite Cookies – Cookies with a soft filling

Mosaic cookies – Twist cookies

Multi Confectioner, dve vrsti testa, en nadev, ali ena vrsta testa, dva nadeva
Multi Confectioner, Double Filling Feeder, optional
Multi Confectioner, proizvodnja izdelkov v več vrstah
Multi Confectioner, multi row encrusting machine.
Rheon Multi Confectioner za linijsko proizvodnjo slaščic
Rheon Multi Confectioner
Cookie s čokoladnim nadevom
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Cookie s čokoladnim polnilom
Chocolate Cookie
Dvobarvni keksi marguerite s čokoladnim polnilom
Marguerite Cookie

Technical data:

MODEL MX 110 MX 112
Product width WD 1000 WD 1200
Nr. of nozzles (row) 16 (16 rows); Pitch: 60 mm 20 (20 rows); Pitch: 60 mm
Product weight range 10-25 g (spherical encrusting) 10-25 g (spherical encrusting)
Production capacity, max 115.200 kos/h 144.000 kos/h
Extruding capacity, max 3.000 kg/h 3.600 kg/h
Nozzle size Max diameter < 32 mm Max diameter < 32 mm
Dimension (LxWxH) 1.857×2.208×1.943 mm 1.857×2.448×1.947 mm
Weight 2.400 kg 2.800 kg
Hopper capacity 180 L 225 L
El. capacity with double filling feeder 5,35 kW 5,36 kW
El. capacity without double filling feeder 4,96 kW 4,96 kW

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