Production of bread,
filled pastry, desserts,
snack and ready meals.



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Industrial washing machines UNIKON



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Bread cutting machines
Bread packing machines



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Ovens for bakeries, in-store baking and industry.



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Mixing systems & lines.
Fermenters for predough & sourdough.



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Technological equipment for bakeries, pastry shops, gastronomy

Industrial washing lines

A wide selection of professional processing equipment and solutions, to enable reliable, economical and environmentally friendly production.

Ciabatta & Baguette & Rustical products
Filled pastry & Snacks & Prepared food
For transport crates & accessories & trolleys
Perfect baking without mistakes

Services and contact

Šenčur Business Zone near Kranj in Slovenia, right next to the LJUBLJANA-JESENICE highway.

Are you planning on buying new technological equipment for your bakery, pastry shop or restaurant? You may be planning on upgrading your existing production? Call us!

Our experts are there to hear you out and present our offer in detail. Upon agreement, they are able to pay you a visit and get acquainted with your plans on the spot, as well as suggest an optimal solution for setting up new production or upgrading your existing production process.

Do you require servicing or spare parts? Call us!

Our service is at your disposal for professional consultations, planning and maintenance, and servicing of BAKERY AND PASTRY SHOP EQUIPMENT OF VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS.



The main guide in planning the technological process is YOUR PRODUCT. We follow movements and trends that support the production of healthy food and a healthy diet, and the integration of traditional food preparation processes into modern technological processes.


Let's save resources

Save raw material and reuse leftover bread in production and improve the freshness and taste of your products. Breadmixer BM 500 ECOLINE with a powerful cutting unit, can prepare a homogeneous mixture of water and leftover bread in a short time, without pre-soaking. With the help of a dosing ...

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About us

Our main guideline when planning any technological process is YOUR PRODUCT. In finding optimal solutions, we are guided by 30 years of experience in the food industry, our knowledge of technology and safety and technical laws, as well as the principles of good manufacturing practice.

We follow trends and tendencies that support the production of healthy foods and a healthy diet, as well as the inclusion of traditional food preparation methods in modern technological processes.

We do care greatly about the production process of your product. Our goal is for you to be successful with our solutions and for your customers to be satisfied with your products.

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