Be original with predough technology

Customers are careful when buying food products today. They are aware of the risks, posed by consuming food of dubious origin and avoid products, containing preservatives and improvers.

To be able to offer healthy products to their customers, bakeries are introducing high end technologies, based on traditional methods for bread production, which include the preparation of various forms of predoughs and sourdoughs. That way, raw materials are processed more naturally, with the help of beneficial microorganisms and a controlled physical impact hydration and heat treatment of the ingredients.

When, in ancient times, our ancestors used to prepare grains for their food, they practiced randomly discovered methods, that helped them to create an edible meal. The grains were crushed, soaked in the water, some forgotten grain mixture maybe fermented once, etc. Based on acquired experiences and practical knowledge, bread and beer gradually evolved from the original porridge-like dishes.

Modern ways of preparing bread and beer are fundamentally similar to those used by our ancestors, but at the same time, they are significantly different. Today, extensive knowledge in the field of microbiology and biochemistry, dough rheology and crop processing technology is available…

Modern bakeries are able to create, plan, control and manage production processes.

The use of predough in the baking industry reduces the need for various additives to improve particular properties of ingredients and to achieve desired organoleptic properties of the final product. Use of certain types of predoughs, results in lower yeast consumption, and some types of sourdough with high natural acidity can significantly reduce or even eliminate the use of preservatives.

There are numerous recipes for predoughs known. We can safely claim that there are as many recipes for predough as there are bakeries in the world.

Generally, we know 2 types of predoughs:

  1. Microbiologically conducted prodoughs, based on fermentation,
    prepared from a mixture of flour and water, using naturally present or added selected microorganisms (starters).Microbiologically conducted predoughs, are divided into:
    – Yeast predoughs (sponge, poolish,..)
    – Sourdoughs
    – You can read more about the technology of fermented predoughs HERE
  2. Predoughs without fermentation
    prepared using natural physical processes, by means of hydration and heat treatment of raw materials.
    – You can read more about the technology of predougs without fermentation HERE.

Implementing of traditional methods for dough preparation into the modern bread and pastry production, gives you freedom to make a choice, using the ingredients of known origin, in accordance with your own beliefs and high quality standards.

You can choose the processes, according to the type of raw materials and desired effects and combine them with each other in order to create your own, unique recipes and to produce top quality products, which are well recognizable on the market.

Whether the traditional methods are already an established practice in your bakery or you just want to introduce these technologies, we can help you by offering:

  • Modern processing equipment
  • BIO starter cultures for preparing sourdough based on wheat, rye, spelt and rice flour
  • BIO natural enzymatic starters for controlled heat processing of milled products in the preparation of predoughs

to make your work easier and to ensure constant quality of your products.

At the same time, your products will remain unique.

Our range of starters: STARTER CULTURES DIOStart®


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