Rheon Cornucopia KN 551

Rheon Cornucopia KN 551

Efficient and practical Encrusting machine for most varied areas of food production.

Flexible and reliable assistant for:

  • confectioneries
  • bakeries
  • professional kitchens, catering
  • industry of prepared foods and snacks
  • meat and dairy production…

Production of different products with Rheon KN 551:

  • Shaping principle based on encrusting  and closing of one material into another
  • The production capacity, depending on dimensions and product type:
    • 10 to 100 products/min
    • total extruding capacity up to 400 kg/h
  • Weight range from 10 g to 300 g, depending on product type and shape
  • Processing of widest variety of dough types, sweet or savoury masses, confectionary and dairy products
  • Processing of yeast dough possible
  • Filled products, one or two fillings possible
  • Special feeder for solid ingredients, like fruit, egg, sausages…
  • Top hygiene, easy to clean
  • User-friendly touch screen
  • Low consumption of work space

Rheon Encrusting CORNUCOPIA KN 551

Proizvodnja cmokov s strojem Rheon
Dumpling production with Rheon KN
Rheon opcija, naprava za avtomatsko odlaganje na pladnje
Rheon Option, Compact Panner
Izdelek z odprtim vrhom, OPEN-TOP - sadna košarica ali mini pizza
OPEN TOP products, fruit basket or mini pizza

Modular design with large selections of special tools and options, for tailor-made solutions:

  • Additional filling unit for products with double filling
  • Solid feeder, a special device for inserting of solid fillings, as fruit pieces, boiled eggs, sausages
  • Compact Panner, for automatic deposition of products onto trays
  • Guillotine
  • Ultrasonic slicer
  • Different tooling for product decoration

Option: ULTRASONIC SLICER and Compact Panner.

Technical data for KN 551:

Width 1.757 mm
Depth 955 mm
Height 1.496 mm
Hopper Capacity 2 x 20 L
Weight ca 540 kg
El. Capacity 400 V, 3,2 kW

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