Bakery products with fillings, snacks and prepared food

Rheon Encrusting Cornucopia machines for a diverse culinary offer.

Efficient and practical Rheon ENCRUSTING CORNUCOPIA, KN series machines for:

  • Confectionery and bakery products
  • Pastry and attractive mini cakes
  • Biscuits and Cookies
  • Dumplings
  • Snacks
  • Ready meals, from appetizers to main dishes

It is possible to form products in weight range from 10 g to 300 g, from boutique cakes and desserts to prepared, ready meals.

The unique design enables the processing of various raw materials for production of various products in:

  • bakeries and pastry shops
  • confectionery industry
  • gastronomy, catering, meat processing industry…

For example, using a KN 551 series machine we can produce:

  • 10 to 100 products per minute or
  • up to 400 kg of product in one hour
Izdelek iz treh koncentričnih slojev.
Three-layer product.

The basic product of the Rheon Encrusting Cornucopia machine is a closed or open ball or bar shaped product, consisting of two or three concentric layers.

The outer layer could be made of dough, sweet or spicy mass or mixture, while the inner layer may be solid or smooth to very soft or even almost liquid kind of filling. Using an additional filling unit, the product can be filled with two different fillings.

Osnovni izdelek stroja Rheon Encrusting Cornucopia je kroglica ali svaljek
Spherical or bar-shaped encrusting with Rheon Cornucopia.

In addition to dumplings and rolls, using Rheon Cornucopia KN machines,  with different optional devices we can create biscuits and cookies of various shapes and structures, mini cakes, brownies, pralines, as well as burgers, patties, mini pizzas, hot-dogs and many more.

The choice of raw materials that can be used is really very diverse. It is possible to process:

  • dough based on potatoes, rice, corn, semolina and other types of flour,
  • pastry dough, dough with chocolate chips or fruit pieces and even yeast dough
  • mixtures and blends of meat, fish and vegetables
  • various sweet mixes based on chocolate, marzipan, dairy products…

For filling:

  • fruit fillings of different consistencies, for example marmalades, ground fruit…
  • cream fillings based on chocolate, dairy products, marzipan…
  • mixtures of meat, fish, vegetables and dairy mixtures of different textures

Using a SOLID FEEDER device, products can be filled with:

  • fruit pieces (for plum or apricot dumplings etc)
  • boiled eggs (for Scotch Egg etc)
  • sausages…
Proizvodnja cmokov s strojem Rheon
Dumpling production with Rheon KN
Rheon solid feeder, za vstavljanje čvrstih polnil
Rheon solid feeder, to encrust whole solid material

Rheon Dumplings and more

Slivovi cmoki iz krompirjevega testa
Potato dumplings, with plum filling.
Japonski sladki riževi cmoki Mochi, s kremnim polnjenjem
Sweet rice cake Mochi cream with additional jam
Kitajski mesni cmoki
Chinese meat Dumplings.
Kitajski mesni cmoki
Chinese meat Dumplings
Sirove kroglice Aranchini

Rheon Confectionery

Rumove kroglice
Rumove kroglice
Rumove kroglice z dvema nadevoma
Rum Ball
Mini krofki z marmelado
Mini donuts with jam
Tulumba s čokolado
Donut s čokoladnim nadevom
Filled Donuts
Čokoladne kroglice Ganache z vaniljevo kremo
Ganache with vanilla filling
Churros s čokoladnim polnilom
Filled Churros
Mini tortice s kavno kremo
Cafe Latte Mini Cake
Jabolčni zavitek
Apple Strudel

Rheon Cookie

Cookie s čokoladnim nadevom
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Cookie s čokoladnim polnilom
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Keksi v obliki rožice
Flower Cookie
Božični keksi s smrečico
Božični keksi s smrečico
Pisani keksi iz več vrst testa
Colorful Cookies
Pisani keksi mozaik
Colorful Cookies
Cookie s čokoladnim polnilom
Chocolate Cookie
Cookie z borovničevim nadevom
Chocolate Chip Cookie with blueberries
Dvobarvni keksi marguerite
Marguerite cookies
2-barvni keksi z nadevom_2_717x538px
Polnjeni keksi Maamoul
Dvobarvni keksi s koščki mandlja
Almond Cocoa Cookie
Bio keksi z lešniki
Organic biscuits with hazelnuts
Čokoladni cookie z dvema polniloma
Cookie with two fillings
Flower cookies

Rheon Snack

Mini pizza
Mini pizza
Mini pizza
Mini pizza
Mini pizza presek
Mini pizza section
Mini pizza
Mini pizza
Hot-dog bombica
Hot-dog bombette
Open-top kruhek s sirovim nadevom
Open top product with cheese filling
Italijanski kruhki
Italian bread
Kruhki s pizza nadevom
Stuffed pizza
Hlebčki z zelenjavnim nadevom
Rolls with vegetable filling
Piroška z zelenjavnim nadevom
Piroshja with vegetable filling

Rheon Prepared Food

Pleskavica s sirom
Filled Hamburg
Mesna kroglica z jajcem (Jajca po škotsko)
Scotch Egg
Polnjeni mesni kroketi
Filled Croquette
Mesne kroglice (Kubba)
Polnjeni njoki
Filled Gnocchi