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Be original with predough technology

Customers are careful when buying food products today. They are aware of the risks, posed by consuming food of dubious origin and avoid products, containing preservatives and improvers. To be able to offer healthy products to their customers, bakeries are introducing high end technologies, ...

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MONSUN tehnology

MONSUN (English spelling MONSOON) is a wind that blows from the sea in the summer months and brings moist air and rainfall to the mainland, and in the winter months its direction changes. In 1936 Alois Paul Lindner, founder of the Debag factory, developed a more energy-efficient and at the time ...

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Wachtel ICT - Infrared Ceramic Technology

Baking technology using ceramic coatings and infrared radiation. The use of ICT baking technology in multi deck ovens significantly improves baking efficiency, has a beneficial effect on product quality and reduces energy consumption. Electric heaters and the inner surfaces of multi deck ...

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Water cooling, mixing and dosing appliances

Water cooling, mixing and dosing devices, an important factor of product quality in bakery and confectionary production Water dosing devices, provide a simple and hygienically safe way to add water to the mixture, directly from the tap. When producing various bakery and confectionery ...

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Advanced technologies for controlling and managing costs Saving by using natural resources and protecting the environment! Baking of bakery products is a considerably wasteful process with regard to energy consumption. Only about 25% of the energy invested is actually used to bake the ...

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