Thermo oil ovens HEUFT VTR

VULKAN THERMO-ROLL (VTR) is an oven that combines the advantages of a rack oven with trolley loading system and the baking capabilities of a deck oven.

Fast loading –  it takes less than 60 seconds to load a 10 m2 oven.

Powerful, thermal oil heated steam unit

Available in various sizes and for a wide range of tray dimensions – you can choose from models with 7 – 16 decks. Number of layers on trolley matches the nuber of decks in the baking chamber.

Depending on the model, up to three trolleys can be inserted at the same time.

Optionally available are stone plate trolley where baking is done directly on the hearth plate, i.e. on the stone.

Statične peči na termo olje polnimo s posebnimi vozički
Polnjenje peči s poteznimi aparati, za peko izdelkov direktno na kamnitih ploščah
Izvedbe z avtomatiziranim polnjenjem peči Thermo-roll

Thermal oil – how it works?

Thermal oil is a liquid heating medium that circulates through the system with the help of pumps, from the dislocated heating plant to the radiators in individual ovens. The system resembles a house central heating system, where water circulates through the system.

The thermal oil in the heat exchanger of the heating plant is heated by hot flue gases, generated during the combustion of energy, by the burner. As an energy source, we can use heating oil, gas, electricity or biomass, depending on individual capabilities.

In general, Thermo Roll ovens are designed for thermal oil temperatures up to 315°C. Due to constant development, in recent years, the manufacturer Heuft has achieved a reduction in the required oil temperature by 15-20°C. This limits the maximum oil temperature in the system to 300°C. This means a reduction in energy costs, a lower temperature load on the material and greater stability of the thermal oil.

You can read more about thermal oil heating systems HERE.

Peči Vulkan Thermo Roll lahko postavimo v vrsto

Technical data for Thermo-roll Vulkan for one 9-deck trolley, tray dimension 580 x 780 mm:

Nr. of baking chambers 1
Nr. of decks 9
Deck dimension 800 x 1.900 mm
Baking area 13 m2
For 27 trays – dimension 580 x 780 mm
Deck height 153,5 mm
Max vproduct height – VTR trolley (tolerance +/- 5 mm) 133,5 mm
El. power (every additional oven) 78 kW (83 kW)

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