Electric convection oven Debag Monsun City

More than a just a store oven. Monsun CITY is a convection oven with Monsun technology, for baking cakes, pastries and cookies.

It is ideal for all those who want to bake with hot air and steam, higher baking capacity,but  are limited by space and want the best quality of baked products.

MONSUN CITY is available in different versions:

  • 6 trays 600 x 800 mm
  • 7 trays 600 x 800 mm
  • 8 trays 600 x 800 mm


  • Maximum baking surface with minimal footprint: tray size 600 x 800 mm or 600 x 400 mm
  • Low energy consumption
  • MONSUN technology ensures that the heat in the baking chamber is distributed very evenly which gives perfect baking results every time
  • Computer control – graphics display showing all the oven processes
  • FilialNet oven connection
  • USB connection

Additional equipment:

  • proofing chamber, tray base, ventilation hood

Electric convection oven Debag Monsun City

Monsun city
Monsun city
Monsun city P, piktogramska regulacija
Monsun city P, pictogram regulation
Monsun city C, računalniška regulacija
Monsun city C, computer regulation
Dvojno steklo na vratih, ki se lahko razpre
Double glazed door, easily opened and cleaned

Technical data:

MODEL Monsun CITY 6 Monsun CITY 7 Monsun CITY 8
Max nr of trays 6 7 8
Tray dimension 800 x 600 mm 800 x 600 mm 800 x 600 mm
Outer dimension (WxDxH) 915 x 1618 x 2182 mm 930 x 1618 x 2182 mm 930 x 1618 x 2182 mm
Weight 710 kg 710 kg 710 kg
Baking area 2,9 m2 3,4 m2 3,8 m2
Tray spacing 97 mm 84 mm 73 mm
El. connection 21 kW 32 A CEE 21 kW 32 A CEE 21 kW 32 A CEE
Water connection R 3/4″ R 3/4″ R 3/4″

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