Enrober and moulding machine ChocoMa E220

Enrober and moulding machine ChocoMa E220.


  • Top coating, bottom coating or complete enrobing – for pralines, bars, biscuits, cakes and pastries
  • Tempering within the machine
  • Double chocolate curtains and variable speed control
  • Variable air pressure and direction control on blower
  • Construction in stainless steel and food approved materials
  • Supplied with a 1 meter paper take-off table as standard

How it works

  1. products are placed on the separate infeed table.
  2. he wire mesh belt carries the products through two chocolate curtains and/or bottom coating reservoir.
  3. Once the products are double coated, they pass under the blower outlet to insure that the appropriate amount of chocolate is left on the product.
  4. Any “chocolate-skirt” is minimized by means of the vibrating mechanism
  5. Products pass over a detailer shaft for perfect finishing before they continue onto the paper take-off table.

Chocolate temperature is monitered with the termostat trough the whole process.

Technical data:

  • Enrober dimensions:
    –          Lenght: 910 mm
    –          Width: 630 mm
    –          Height: 700 mm
  • Enrobing section:
    –          Width: 220 mm
  • Take-off table:
    –          Lenght: 1, 2 ali 3 m
    –          Width: 260 mm
  • Volume: 20 l


  • Melting cabinet or table on where the basic enrober is placed
  • Mould filling module and vibrating table
  • Longer paper take-off tables
  • Cooling tunnels
  • Top heaters
  • Wire belt extension for truffle balls

Enrober and moulding machine ChocoMa E220

Namizna naprava za čokoladiranje E220-01

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