Industrial water cooling unit DELTA DK

Water Chiller DELTA DK for drinking water, with a tank for chilled water

  • For dough production in the bakeries, where larger amounts of chilled water per batch are required
  • Steel tank for chilled water, thermo glazed inside and well insulated
  • Hygienic design with smooth inner water tank surfaces, prevent the growth of algae, bacteria and other microorganisms
  • Direct evaporation in a double skinned heat exchanger, resulting in low evaporation temperatures and lower electricity costs compared with flow-through systems
  • The cooling unit can be installed on the side of the tank or above it
  • Max. operating pressure: 6 bar
  • Built-in cathodic corrosion protection CORREX

Industrial water cooling unit DELTA DK

Technical data:

Tank volume Cooling unit type Cooling power R404 A, to -5°C Voltage / Power  Capacity L/h
 180 L  CAJ9510Z  1.782 W  230 V/1,4 kW  100 L/h
 280 L  TAJ4517Z  2.707 W  400 V/1,6 kW  145 L/h
 280 L  TFH4524Z  3.800 W  400 V/2,2 kW  210 L/h
 400 L  TFH4524Z  3.800 W  400 V/2,7 kW  210 L/h
 400 L  TFH4531Z  5350 W  400 V/3,6 kW  300 L/h
 700 L  TFH4531Z  5350 W  400 V/3,6 kW  300 L/h
 700 L  RAG4546Z  8.000 W  400 V/5,0 kW  430 L/h
 950 L  TAG4553Z  8.600 W  400 V/5,5 kW  470 L/h
 950 L  TAG4561Z  9740 W  400 V/6,0 kW  530 L/h
 950 L  TAG4568Z  11.540 W  400 V/7,0 kW  625 L/h
 950 L  TAGD4590Z  14.850 W  400 V/9,5 kW  800 L/h
 950 L  TAGD4610Z  16.360 W  400 V/10,0 kW  880 L/h
 950 L  TAGD4612Z  19.350 W  400 V/12.5 kW  1.050 L/h
 950 L  TAGD4614Z  22.800 W  400 V/14,3 kW  1.230 L/h
 950 L  TAGD4515Z  23.750 W  400 V/14,3 kW  1.300 L/h

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