Deltamatic D 90-E

Fully automatic water mixing and measuring appliance for high capacity
enclosure stainless steel appliance with flow rate about 35 litres/minute
Standard D 90-E


  • Enclosure stainless steel appliance with flow rate about 35 litres/minute
  • Electronic water mixing and measuring appliance, with warm and cold inlets
  • High quantity stainless steel casing
  • Especially suited for ice water
  • Clear and easy to operate input keys
  • Large digital display shows selected quantity and delivered quantity
  • Electronically controlled dosing with high precision also for small batches
  • Exact electronic adjustment of quantity and temperature
  • Simply to combin with any pre-cooling appliance

D 90-ES without thermostat mixing battery for metering only.

Dozator vode Deltamatic Economic

Technical specifications D 90-E
Capacity 0,1 – 999,9 Liter
Adjustable 0.1 Liter
Temperature 2° C – 60° C
Precision from 5 Liter < 1 %
Precision of temperature ± 1° C
Speed (depending on water pressure) approx. 35  l/min.
Water pressure 1 – 5 bar / (kg/cm²)
Maximum test pressure 16 bar / (kg/cm²)
Water inlet diameter 1 x 12-15 mm
Electrical requirements 230 VAC (± 10 %)
50 Hz (± 2 Hz)
40 VA single phase
Net weight 14 kg
Dimensions (w x h x d)
without joining appliances)
270 x 295 x 190 mm

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