DIOStart® wheat classic

DIOStart wheat classic is the basis for smooth predoughs and quick acidification and good gas formation

DIOStart wheat classic, based on selected strains of selected lactic acid bacteria.

  • Supply: fresh starter culture in the form of a square, packed
  • Packaging unit: cube 0.5 kg or liquid in units 0f 4 kg or 8 kg
  • 100% organic, vegan, kosher and GMO free
  • Possibility of making ‘clean label’ products, without artificial ingredients
  • Suitable for making sourdough from wheat flour

Advantages of DIOStart® wheat classic:

  • Reliable acidification and good gas formation
  • Natural protection through acidification (decrease in pH) and thus delayed microbial spoilage
  • Reduced use or absence of premixes/baking improvers, down to clean label production
  • Aromatic, rustic bakery products
  • Fine pastry goods if the quantity added is reduced. This increases the flavour of the products and the sweetness of the added sugar
  • The finished “wheat classic” sourdough added may be up to 20% (flour basis)

Production parameters for DIOStart® wheat classic

  • Production parameters for DIOStart® wheat classic
  • 100 parts wheat flour (e.g. Type 550 or 812)
  • 100 – 120 parts water
  • 0.25 to 1 part DIOStart® wheat classic (depending on the size of the batch and the machine)
  • Temperature: 28°C
  • Ripening time: 16 hours
  • Processing time:
    –  24 hours (without refrigeration)
    –  48 hours (with refrigeration, i.e. cooling to <10°C after ripening)
  • The machine / container should be emptied completely and cleaned before each new batch is made up

For fermentation processes with a total weight of less than 50 kg we recommend increasing the amount of DIOStart® wheat classic to 2%.

IMPORTANT! The temperature must be kept constant throughout the ripening time.

DIOStart® wheat classic


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