Innovative cooling technologies for bakeries - COOL RISING®

Cold climate and freezing technology are just as important in modern baking industry as are heat and baking

Proper use of cooling and freezing technologies offers numerous advantages to bakeries:

  • better work schedule and reduced night work
  • better utilization of machines
  • product preparation for peak sales times
  • product preparation for next day baking
  • fresh baking all day long
  • baking as much as consumed (sold)
  • a smaller amount of stale bread
  • lower costs due to better work organization

Fermentation or dough proofing is usually a process, that requires a lot of time, and the products must be placed in the oven as soon as possible during the stage of technological maturity, otherwise the expected results will not be achieved.

If we wish to offer our customers freshly baked products from the early morning, we have to plan the production carefully. Most of the work in a bakery, without introducing a proper cooling system, will take place mainly during the night.

Essentially, by introducing the cooling and freezing processes in the bakery, we direct the fermentation process in a way that will enable the preparation of products during the daily working hours as well as baking when required.

By cooling and using the appropriate cooling techniques, we are able to:

Interrupt the fermentation process by cooling the product to the temperature at which microorganisms cease their action.

Slow down the fermentation and control the process at temperatures at which the activity of microorganisms slows down.

Standardna fermentacijska komora za vodenje fermentacije Wachtel Aeromat
Standard proofing chamber Wachtel Aeromat

We often combine the processes of interrupted and slowed fermentation.

In the procedures involving interrupted fermentation, the products are rapidly cooled to a core temperature of -5° to -7°C, thus stopping the action of the yeast.

This is followed by storage at low temperatures around -10°C, after which they should be properly defrosted and fermentation phase allowed to complete. The whole process, from the fast cooling to the final fermentation, takes place automatically, inside the so-called automatic proofers. The products can be stored from one to several days, the defrosting and fermentation procedure is activated automatically, depending on the set process completion time.

Should we wish to store frozen products for longer periods of time, it is necessary to interrupt the fermentation in 25-30 minutes at most, using the so-called shock freezing. The products are then packed and stored in low-temperature storage at -18°C for up to several months.

Komora za šok zamrzovanje Wachtel FLASCH
Shock freezer Wachtel FLASCH

The products are frozen in different fermentation stages, depending on the needs of the user or customer.

In special storage facilities featuring a regulated air flow regime to prevent drying, these “shocked” products can be stored unpacked, on baking trays and trolleys. In this case, the system of work at the bakery can be organized so that certain products are produced only once a week, thus improving work efficiency. Products are defrosted and fermented according to the daily needs.

Processes that use interrupted fermentation are suitable for pastries and breads of smaller weights or smaller diameters (baguettes). Rapid reaching and maintenance of low temperatures, as well as cold chain technologies require the use of powerful cooling equipement. In any case, higher operating costs should also be taken into account.

Implementing the interrupted fermentation method makes sense when producing large batches of products for distribution and whenever we want to ensure a longer storage time of frozen products.

Nizkotemperaturna skladišča za nepakirane izdelke na pladnjih
Cooling and freezing cells for storage of unpacked dough pieces


Cold fermentation or COOL RISING® procedure, which consumes less energy, is more suitable for organizing daily fresh baking of products for own sales or delivery to customers.

The COOL RISING® procedure is based on conducting fermentation at lower temperatures, but above the freezing point. In doing so, the action of yeasts and enzymes is not interrupted, lower temperatures stimulate the action of lactic acid bacteria, which favorably affect the development of aroma and taste of the product.

For conducting the COOL RISING® process, we use special fermentation chambers with computer control to automatically adjust the temperature according to the time of completion of the process, and in these chambers the products can be cooled and stored without drying.

The COOL RISING® process flow is shown in the following diagram:

As soon as they are formed, and without prior fermentation, the products are placed in the chamber for conducting the COOL RISING® process. In doing so, they are cooled to +3°C. Once the chamber is full, we run a program in which we determine the moment when the products need to be ready for next day baking.

Komore za vodenje  hladne fermentacije COOL RISING®  v različnih velikostih
Systems for cold fermentation, COOL RISING®

At the beginning of the process, the temperature in the chamber is first raised to +20°C, followed by a cooling phase to +3°C. A computer program regulates temperature changes throughout the phases, according to the set final time of the process and in such a way that the temperature difference between the surface and the core of the product is minimal. Therefore, this excludes the drying out of the product inside the chamber.

Once the process has completed, the temperature of products remains at +3°C and the products are fully fermented and ready for baking. If all the products cannot be baked immediately, they can be stored in the same chamber or in a common refrigerator at the same temperature for another 15 hours, without losing their quality.

Temperatura testa v odvisnosti od časa v procesu hladne fermentacije
The COOL RISING® process flow

The COOL RISING® procedure can also be used for products that require additional baking at points of sale. For this purpose, we recommend using stacked fermentation trays for easier and safe transportation to the place of final baking.

The COOL RISING® is a modern way of conducting the fermentation process, which encompasses the experience of traditional methods, while being simple, efficient and acceptable in terms of energy consumption at the same time.

Postopek COOL RISING®  lahko uporabljamo tudi za izdelke, ki jih pečemo na prodajnem mestu
Fermentation trays for easier and safe transportation to the in-store baking facilities