Cooking, grilling, toasting, defrosting, and regenerating a wide range of fresh and frozen food, like sandwiches, pastries, pizzas, fish, vegetables and meat, in a short amount of time is now a reality

Combination of convection, microwave and impingement.

Oracle is the ideal choice for a fast and dynamic catering service, with an ever-growing range of innovative options for premises with open-plan kitchens, offices with limited space, or small kitchens.

Fits on a 70 cm deep counter top and can hold pizza up to 30 cm in diameter

Technical data:

  • ”Plug and play” – just plug it in and start cooking
  • Configurable display – in addition to its highly intuitive 7” touch screen display
  • Cooking chamber dimension (W x D x H): 312 x 312 x 178 mm
  • External dimensions: 358 x 743 x 578 mm
  • El. connection: 1 or 3 Phase conection


  • Stone plate (for cooking and browning bread, pizzas, and flat breads)
  • Teflon trays (for browning and toasting food)
  • Stand
  • Upper shelf rest with closed sides for storing accessories

Steam convection oven Lainox ORACLE

Parni konvektomat za hitro kuhanje in peko  Lainox ORACLE-2

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