Water chiller DELTA DKS 150/250

Delta DKS works without a pressure pump and can be combined with every water mixing and dosing appliance.

Compact construction with stainless steel cabinet – suitable for wall mounting or installation in a neighbouring room.
The ice layer which accumulates during non-operating periods provides a great reserve of energy and ensures top cooling performance.

  • Cooling capacity 150 liters/hour (from +15°C to +2/3°C)
  • Sealed flow system
  • No pressure pump required
  • Functions at normal mains pressure
  • Compact and robust
  • Top cooling performance
  • Low energy requirements
  • Can be combined with all mixing and dosing appliances

Water chiller DELTA DKS 150/250

DKS - princip delovanja
DKS - operation principle

Technical data:

Cooling capacity to 150 L/h to 200 L/h
Refrigerant R 290 R 290
Temperature (chilled water) 1,5° – 3°C 1,5° –  3°C
Speed (depending on water pressure) 12- 20 L/min 12- 20 L/min
Water pressure 1-5 kg/cm2 1 – 5 kg/cm2
Maximum test pressure 16 kg/cm2 16 kg/cm2
Compressor power 1125 W 1700 W
Ice coating 40 kg 40 kg
Water mains conection (in/out) R 1/2” R 1/2”
Electrical requirements 220-240 V, 50 Hz 220-240 V,  50 Hz
Net weight 71 kg 82 kg
Outter dimensions (H x W x D) 87,5 x 50 x 53,5 mm 90,5 x 50 x 53,5 mm
Water reservoir volumen (coolant) 72 L 72 L

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