AMT cutting tables

Whether you want to produce apple turnovers, croissants, various Danish pastry products, pizzas or other fine pastries.

AMT cutting tables offer the possibility of producing a wide range of pastry in a rational and inexpensive way saving time and at the same time helping to minimize the amount of scrap

  • Perfect cutting machines for cutting dough into equal pieces.
  • Efficient production of fine pastries and snacks.

Dough cutting machines or cutting tables are the ideal solution for:

  • bakeries
  • confectioneries
  • production plants engaged in the preparation of ready meals and catering offer
  • professional kitchens in hotels, hospitals…

Working with dough cutting machines is simple:

  • place the selected set of cutting rollers in the dedicated frame of the cutting machine
  • sheeted dough, rolled on a special roller, is placed in the machine
  • the machine is switched on and in a few moments the strip of dough is rationally and safely cut into exactly the same pieces

Suitable for wide rage of doughs.

AMT cutting tables



  • Additional roller rack for four additional cutting rollers
  • Removable working plate made out of stainless steel
  • Foot switch for On/Off
  • Regulated speed is optionally possible

Specifications for AMT 250/700

  • Total Length: 2.630 mm
  • Total Width: 890 mm
  • Conveyor Belt Width: 650 mm
  • Working Height: 900mm
  • Conveyor Belt Speed: 3,1 m/min
  • Motor: 0,18 kW

Specifications for AMT 350/700

  • Total Length: 3.630 mm
  • Total Width: 890 mm
  • Conveyor Belt Width: 650 mm
  • Working Height: 900 mm
  • Conveyor Belt Speed: 3,1 m/min
  • Motor: 0,18 kW

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