Fortuna automat

The Fortuna automate is the indistructable classic machine for every bakery.

Thanks to its robust design, the well-proven dough divider and rounder has a particularly long operational life, requires only little maintenance and is very easy to operate. Due to its compact dimensions, the Fortuna automate fits even into the smallest bakery. By the optimal adaptation of the piece weight and dough consistency, it rounds even fermented doughs uniformly and achieves bread rolls just like handmade.


  • Stable and robust construction – for steady and quiet operation
  • By the adjustable pressing pressure all dough types – soft or firm, `young´ or fermented – can be divided with accurately applied pressure
  • Through the optimal adaptation of the piece weight and dough consistency, even fermented doughs are rounded uniformly
  • All drive parts consistently run in an oil bath. This procedure guarantees the machine’s extraordinarily quiet processing and long operational life
  • Easy cleaning – the machine’s dividing device can be lifted
  • 3 trays included

Tehnical data:

  • Dimensions (W x L x H): 720 x 800 x 1510 mm
  • Net weight: ca. 540 kg
  • Power supply: ca. 1,6 Kw
  • Weight of dough pieces: 40 – 110 g, 30 pcs
  • Dough insertion: 1200 – 3300 g

Fortuna automat


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