Electric deck oven with ceramics Wachtel Piccolo

Electric, modular, deck oven.

Suitable for bakerys, confectionery, stores, restaurants, pizzerias…
Perfect to place it between your store and your baking area –  load it from bakery side, and unload it from your store side.


  • MULTI ZONE BAKING: 4 temperature sensors and 4 separately controlled heating zones per oven compensate for heat build-up towards the rear and guarantee perfect, even baking results every time.
  • ENERGY MANAGER: Load optimisation including electricity and water usage display
  • POWER STEAM: Round, separately heated, high-performance steam generator with cast iron centerpiece for more saturated steam
  • ENERGY FUNDING: Countryrelated public subventions are available
  • GLASS PROOFING CABINET: Robust stainless steel proofer with new, reliable evaporator technology, operation integrated in IQ TOUCH control including water management
  • WOOD DESIGN control panel: Optional precious wood panel
  • BAKE BALANCE: Latest PID measurement and control technology providing stable temperature conditions
  • DURABLE LEDS IN HOOD AND DECK: Highly energy-efficient and perfect lighting
  • SOFT CLOSE DOOR: Soft opening and closing of the deck oven
  • W-HYGIENIC: Simplest pane (dis)assembly

Electric deck oven with ceramics Wachtel Piccolo

Piccolo PRO
Piccolo PRO
Piccolo PRO IQ
Piccolo PRO IQ
Piccolo PRO Wood
Piccolo PRO Wood
'Soft close' odpiranje in zapiranje vrat
Piccolo Soft close

The stove can consist of 1 – 6 decks, different sizes.

The oven is controlled by computer, via the IQ TOUCH touch screen.

Classic models have the option of manual oven control. Each floor is equipped with a thermostat to set the upper and lower temperature, a button for manual addition of steam and a timer to set the baking time.

Glass panels can be cleaned and replaced without the use of tools.


Technical data:

Nr. of decks 2 – 5 2 – 5 2 – 5 2 – 5 2 – 5
Deck width 600 mm 600 mm 800 mm 1200 mm 1200 mm
Deck depth 400 mm 800 mm 600 mm 800 mm 600 mm
Deck height 140 / 165 / 200 mm 140 / 165 / 200 mm 140 / 165 / 200 mm 140 / 165 / 200 mm 140 / 165 / 200 mm
Oven width 973 mm 973 mm 1173 mm 1573 mm 1573 mm
Oven depth 965 mm 1240 mm 1050 mm 1240 mm 1050 mm
El. connection / deck 5,0 kW 5,0 kW 4,7 kW 8,5 kW 7,5 kW


  • Tray stand or proofing chamber
  • Ventilation or condensing hood
  • Implementation of standard models in black
  • Pizza oven version, for baking temperature over 300°C

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