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The technology for innovtive chain store opertions.

COOL RISING makes it possible – at any time – to bake off proofed pieces of dough (+3°C) straight from refrigeration and this way to guarantee – simply and easily – the consistently high quality and freshness of your baked goods throughout the day.

Once the dough is prepared, the dough pieces are transferred, without intermediate proofing, to the COOL RISING unit. Program-controlled cooling and proofing takes place here in the same cell.

The dough pieces are prevented from dehydratingand forming skin thanks to just minimum differences in temperature between their core and surface – a migration of moisture to the coldest spot in the unit, the evaporator, is averted as well.

The controlled, slow cooling guarantees that your dough pieces progress optimally until the proof desired is obtained.

Every flavor-forming enzyme and substance continues towork actively and in a controlled wayThe COOL RISING unit is custom designed to your needs and matched perfectly to your production and requirements specifications.

Products that can be baked off without additional final proofing for enhanced flavor, freshness and quality whenever you want.

cool rising

Smooth operation – simple and reliable

Regulated cooling and proofing of pieces of dough in a controlled way involving the smallest temperature differences possible between the core and surface of the pieces.

High-performance steaming unit – humidification via fresh water

Fresh water is sprayed directly onto a heating element. The minute water droplets are finely dispersed. Standing water does not develop – impurities are precluded. COOL RISING operates in the positive temperature range; as a result of this, steaming can also be done during the cooling phase.

Airflow for product uniformity without exception

A high flow rate at low air speeds guarantees rapid cold transfer in an optimal room atmosphere without dehydrating baked goods.

No deep-freezing or shock freezing

When proofed pieces of dough are deep-frozen the risk of shrinkage cannot be precluded. Shrinking can of course be averted in shock freezers. COOL RISING dispenses with shock freezing thanks to controlled, slow cooling with programmed timing.

Reduced capital costs

With COOL RISING proofing and cooling takes place in one and the same cell. So the expense for an additional shock freezer is dispensed with.


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Cleanliness right from the start

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