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80 years of technology that changed the world

Just a lot of hot air? You will be surprised!


Debag founder Alois Paul Linder already knew that energy would play a crucial role in baking in the future. To remain competitive, in 1936 he developed an ingenious process which creates a regular change of direction of the hot air flow in the oven using forced air heating which uses less energy. This is an extraordinary principle, then as today. And because we at DEBAG thinks that good things can always be improved we continue to develop the MONSUN system. To ensure that you use even less energy and achieve higher profits in future. 

The secret of MONSUN is the heating method with a moving baking atmosphere. It ensures rapid formation of the crust which benefits the aroma and the quality of the bakery product. In contrast to radiation ovens it is not the oven material, e.g. a stone slab, that is heated, but the air in the oven. Two fans provide a regular change in direction of the hot air flow which surrounds the bakery products evenly. High quality baking results are ensured by low air velocity at roughly a third of that in a rotary rack oven, even top and bottom heat as well as more flexible temperature control. And all this with a significantly higher loading capacity and lower energy consumption.

Monsun is an english word for the tropical monsoon wind. And Debag's MONSUN system has a similar principle:

  • regular changes of direction for the hot air flow
  • transfer medium for baking energy and steam

Top baking quality

  • ... through unique MONSUN technology with
  • maximum use of baking surface
  • best possible use of energy
  • low consumption and few materials which heat up
  • optimal heat transfer
  • minimum energy input
  • minimum space requirement


Maximum efficiency - with any oven:

 Deck oven

 Rack oven

 Shop baking oven

 1 deck oven

 2 rack oven

 3 shop bake oven

 - no additional material for heating - requires less energy

 - connected load only 38 kW

 - ovens: Monsun 573/672/1344, SM

 - small baking chamber due to stationary racks and moving air

 - low air velocity (2,5km/h)

 - ovens: Monsun S4, S5, TWIN, SM

 - identical system as in bakery appliances

 - continuous MONSUN chain = quality chain

 - ovens: Monsun CITY, MINI

All ADVANTAGES at a glance:

-  Minimum footprint
The moving baking atmosphere allows compact oven dimensions and a stationary baking rack for rack ovens.

-  Maximum loading capacity
In deck ovens, convection brings the heat more intensively to the baked goods, allowing for increased loading capacity.

-  Clearly reduced energy input
The heat is transferred directly to the raw dough, allowing minimum energy input values. Clever solutions such as oven shut-off and waste heat recovery additional save money.

-  Active environmental protection
Less energy consumption means less use of precious resources. This means you can make a contribution towards environmental protection which you can, for example, use as a positive image factor.

-  Long-lasting high quality of bakery products
The low air velocity provides intensive heat transfer and prevents the raw dough from drying out.

-  Full aroma through raw dough inserted fully proofed
The intensive heat transfer allows perfect baking of fully proofed raw dough – for particularly tasty baking results.

-  Evenly browned all over
The constant spread of the heat creates the evenly browned goods typical of DEBAG ovens


Trays are an important piece of equipment in every bakery, pastry and bread shop and especially in industrial bakery.

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Cleanliness right from the start

Optimim hygiene is a highly topical requirement in all bakery operations.

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