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INFRA electrical deck ovens are ideal for smaller bakeries, innovative artisan bakery but also for large industrial bakeries

Advantages of INFRA ovens

  • Bake with electricity and avoid the need for burners, circulator motors and their regular servicing, expensive flue gas stacks and costly emissions restrictions

  • Each baking chamber acts as an independent oven: Top and bottom heat and steam injection can be controlled separately for each deck.

  • Energy-saving mode as standard: INFRA power locking offers a reduction in connected load of about one third - compared to many other systems on the market - without restriction of baking performance

  • Maximally flexible:  Every deck is an independent baking oven. Upper heat, lower heat and steam are separate and are controlled with precision to deliver extremely consistent quality bakery products
  • Unique flat ceramic heating elements for gentle and sustained heat transfer, allowing even greater consistency and repeatability of high-quality baked goods

  • Solid and safe: all-round stainless steel cladding, baking chamber welded and absolutely gas-tight


More flexibility:

  • Deck width: 600 mm (SINGLE), 1200 mm (DOUBLE) or 1800 mm (TRIPLE)

  • Deck depth: 800 – 2400 mm

  • Deck height: 165 – 200 mm

  • Baking surface: from 2,8 – 26 m2

  • Nr. of decks: up to 6 decks in one unit

infra vse



Each deck is an independent unit with its own management and separate control of the upper and lower temperature.

  • 999 automatic programs (10 phases)
  • individual user customization with regard to menu, product photos, signals and customer logo
  • AUTO-COPY: Synchronization of baking programs between appliances at the touch of a button
  • display lock for cleaning purposes
  • 13 languages (German, English, French, Durch, Romanian, Polish, Russian, Croatian, Spanish, Slovenian, Czech, Hungarian, Chinese)
  • network-compatible: LAN, W-LAN (Access Point)
  • link to WACHTEL REMOTE
  • secure and stable software
  • integrated IQ GREEN LABEL eco functions in all IQ TOUCH controls

W-TURBO sustains an on-demand, moving baking atmosphere balanced over time.

Take advantage of the unique synergy effects from the combination of radiant heat and air circulation inside the decks. The state-of-the-art recirculation technology and special air baffles guarantee highly consistent heat exposure. The smart computer control system assures that the W-TURBO function is activated in the deck required at exactly the right time. This way one increases the quality of baked goods while being in the position to produce a wide variety of bakery products in the same oven at the same time.

ICT (Infrared Ceramic Technology) delivers optimized infrared radiation for accelerated heat exposure.

iT means using a special ceramic in the baking chamber that emits infrared radiation matched perfectly to the baked goods. The perfected heat radiation manifests itself in an accelerated heat transfer, because the intensified infrared radiation is capable of penetrating the core of the dough pieces more rapidly. This way the quality of your baked goods increases while reducing bake-off loss and saving energy at the same time.

STONE means genuine stone oven bread thanks to special stone deck lining.

Clean and quiet:

Profit from reduced noise level, the elimination of burner technology subject to servicing, circulating motors, an expensive flue system and costly emissions requirements. Smooth surfaces, all around stainless steel, control panel is covered with a smooth glass.







Nr. of decks

   4 - 5  4 - 5  4 - 5

Nr. of decks with Comfort loaders


 max 6

 max 6

 max 6

 Inner dimensions (WxDxH)


 600 x 800-2000 x 165-200

 1200 x 800-2000 x 165-200

 1800 x 1600-2000 x 165-200

 Baking area


 1,92 - 6

 3,8 - 12

 11,5 - 18

 Outer dimensions (WxDxH)


 1155 x 1590-2880 x 2345

 1700 x 1590-2410 x 2345

 2400 x 2410-2880 x 2345

 Space needed (max.)