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The Instore Breadline 120 is a bread line that is easy to adapt to both the layout of the premises and to the bread that is to be baked. Specially made for producing bread without need for an intermediate proving time. In addition, the entire flow can be easily and safely managed by one person, from start to finish. The Instore Bread Line 120 can be set up in three different ways depending on preference and available space. Good bakery machines can be adjusted to the daily work – not vice versa.

16 isb120


  • Entire flow can be easily and safely managed by one person, from start to finish

  • Line that is easy to adapt to the layout of the premises – 3 different layouts

  • Capacity: 500 – 1200 pcs/h

  • Weight range: 50 – 1000 g

  • Large pressure board working width up to 650 mm

  • Power consumption  2.4 kW


16 isb120 shema

Components Set-up Example:

1__SD-180 XS – automatic dough divider


3 sd180

Glimek SD180 suction dough divider, is a silent, automatic suction-fed dough divider for most types of dough. It has high weight accuracy and flexible weight range, which makes it suitable for both small bakeries and larger industrial bakeries. It has a capacity from 750 to 1800 pieces per hour and hopper size of either 90L or 225L as standard. A very useful and time saving machine for dough handling when making bread and pastries.

SD180 has the highest security in its class with a auto stop safety edge function on the hopper and is very silent. It is also easy to clean and easy to operate, with thoughtful ergonomics for best user-friendliness. Increase the bakeries gentle dough handling productivity and make perfectly divided dough buns with SD180 Suction Dough Divider

Features and benefits:

  • High weight accuracy. Two chamber suction divider. The hopper go all the way down to the knife
  • Wide weight range, 3 versions, from 35 gr to 2 300 gr
  • Measures the dough instead of weighing  - gentle dough handling
  • Variable speed with frequency converter
  • Capacity 750 – 1800 pieces/h as standard (lower capacity on request)
  • 90 liter stainless steel hopper as standard (~ 63 kg dough)
  • 225 liter stainless steel hopper (~ 150 kg dough hopper) (option)
  • Dough knife in stainless steel
  • Easy handling and cleaning – all covers in stainless steel and removable
  • Non-stick coated hopper (option)
  • Extremely silent 72 dB(A)
  • Highest safety with auto stop function + When touching the safety edge on the hopper, the machine stops


2__BR-2000 – Inclined belt rounder - with easily adjustable moulding track

6 br200

Glimek BR2000 Belt Rounder is designed for processing pieces of dough to make them regular in shape and give them a taut outer layer. The inclined belt rounder has an easily adjustable moulding track for dough weights from 50 up to 1000 gr. The speed of the conveyor can be adjusted also during operation. The moulding track is also easy to fold up for cleaning when its not in use. Operating side right/left.

Features and benefits:

  • Weight range 50-1000 gr
  • The speed of the conveyor can be adjusted also during operation
  • The upper part can be easily be folded back and used to convey pieces of dough without the use of belt rounding
  • Lockable castors


3__MO-300 S – moulder

13 mo300

Glimek MO300 is a flexible moulder for most bakeries. It is designed for maintaining quality of the dough and to increase the productivity. MO300 provides firm support and assure consistent size and shape of the baked product, resulting in more efficient production and easier maintenance. Equipped with a centrally-adjustable infeed, which corrects the positioning of the dough pieces and it has a working width up to 650 mm. The moulder is easy to set up and to operate, and it has a foldable pressure board for easy cleaning. Be more productive and maintain the high quality of your products with MO300 moulder.

Features and benefits:

  • Capacity is up to 3000 pieces/hour
  • Weight range between 30-1800 g (subject to capacity and dough characteristics)
  • Working width up to 650 mm
  • Pressure board 650 x 1100 mm with two wedges is foldable, and can be locked in an upright position for easy cleaning
  • Centrally adjustable infeed enables a correct positioning of the dough piece
  • Pressure board with dual V shaped profiles for gentle and effective shaping of the dough
  • Two pair of adjustable pressure rollers with spring loaded scrapers for easy cleaning
  • Parallel adjustable side guides in stainless steel for more efficient positioning (option)
  • Handles on left or right side must be indicated upon order