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Cleanliness right from the start

Optimim hygiene is a highly topical requirement in all bakery operations.

Legislation and norms are becoming increasingly strict. Unhygienic conditions are not just a threat to the health of consumer, but in an emergency case also to the economic future of a whole company.

In bakery machines hygiene is an essential feature.

 The concept consist of five components that build on one another and in total fulfill every conceivable hygiene demand:

1. Hygiene optimised raw materials and constructions

2. Optimal cleaning (dry/wet)

3. Perfect control of all hygiene process

4. High food safety

5. Longtime experience in all hygiene questions


Production lines are made of premium stainless steel.

Indentations, dead areas or other places where dirt might collect and be difficult to remove are consistently avoided.

Round (instead of rectangular) supports provide no targets for dirt.

Flour dusters are known for their fine and precise dispersal.

Moistening system that moistens only the dough piece and not the conveyor belt.

Quick belt release considerably accelerates the cleaning process.

Tool-less dismantling of parts to be cleaned enables clear time-savings and increases operational safety.

Flour and water make glue which is difficult to remove. Remainder moisture has to dry first (or be actively dried) before flour can be used again. That is why all of machines are build in a way that you can remove all of the components that must be water cleaned or provide  dry cleaning (brushing or vacuuming).

Electrical components (switches, sensors, cables and such) are available in special versions of the respective protection class (IP 65 protection against spray water).


Machinery manufactorers offers software solutions that comply with your documentation and tracing obligations and help you to portray every required hygiene process.

This is done by means of password-protected acces.

A hygiene inspector can review and record the individual cleaning stages. The complete cleaning record can be prnted or archived at a central point as documentary evidence.


Machines are made in accorance with HACCP.

Where possible, they avoid non-detectable materials - as a rule, plastics are signal blue.

Where there is no abrasion, no fine grit can get into your foodstuffs. For this reason they also guide their belts automatically so that they do not run askew and so chafe.

Belts are welded at the edges so that no microorganisms can penetrate at these critical points.

Gears are treated with lubricants permitted in the food industry and are largely located outside the food zone.


Trays are an important piece of equipment in every bakery, pastry and bread shop and especially in industrial bakery.

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Cleanliness right from the start

Optimim hygiene is a highly topical requirement in all bakery operations.

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