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Economical choice of steam convector when you want steam cooking, high performance and easy operation. Suitable for ALL types of products.


Tecnical data (basic model)

-  for 7 trays (1/1 GN) - also available for 10, 2x7, 20 or 40 (available models for 7, 10 and 20 x GN 2/1)

-  distance between layers: 70 mm

-  dimensions (l x w x h): 875 x 825 x 820 mm

-  el. connection: 10,5 kW

-  el. power: 3N AC 400V - 50 Hz

-  gas version available

-  steam distribution: classic water spray or evaporator


Sapiens advantages

-- Easy to use

It is equipped with LAINOX automatic programs, 95 cooking programs already in its memory and can contain up to 99 cooking programs saved by the user, each of which can have up to 4 cycles in automatic sequence.
It naturally allows manual cooking, with the ability to set up to 4 cycles in automatic sequence and core temperature control cooking using the option multi-point or needle probe.

You can choos amongst these cooking methods: convection, steam or a combination of steam + hot air)


--  Steam cooking maintains all of the food’s nutritional value. The colours stay bright, less seasoning, water and salt are needed and, therefore, production costs are lower.

- Sapiens lets you steam cook at low temperatures from 50/85°C, with absolute precision and with minimum water and energy consumption.

- Cooking at 100°C steam allows you to cook any type of food that otherwise must be cooked in a traditional system in boiling water, with greater quality and with savings of over 20%.

- Forced steam cooking, up to 130°C
, is ideal for frozen products, especially in large quantities. Cooking times are very quick with lower processing costs.

Aditionally: vacuum cooking and vacuum cooking in glass jars.


-- ECOVAPOR - Sapiens recognizes the level of steam and only uses the amount of energy required. With the EcoVapor system, there is a definite reduction in water and energy consumption thanks to automatic control of the steam saturation in the cooking chamber.

-- ECOSPEED - With the Ecospeed function, by recognizing the quantity and type of product being cooked, Sapiens optimizes and controls the delivery of energy and maintains the correct cooking temperature, preventing any fluctuations. (-5% weight loss*)

(*compared to previous model)

-- Convection baking - The variable high or low ventilation speed with automatic power reduction ensure perfect cooking uniformity thanks to the exclusive cooking chamber heat distribution system and the bi-directional fan.

-- Fast Dry® - System for quick dehumidification of the cooking chamber

-- Combined cooking - Combination cooking allows excellent results with meats and fish without the need to continuously baste the product to keep it from drying out, thanks to the Autoclima® humidity control system. It also ensures perfect core cooking using the multi-point probe.

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Cleaning and maintenance

LSC (Liquid Steam System) - liquid detergent in cartridges, (100% recycable).

SCS (Solid Clean System) - automatic cleaning system with build-in tank and automatic detergent disoensing

-  Manual cleaning system with retractable hand shower


 Standard equipment:

- CALOUT descaler system – models with boiler

- retractable hand shower

- 2 stainless steel grids



- automatic cleaning LSC or SCS

- 2 fan speeds

- multiprogram keyboard

- multi-point probe

- fat filter

- caster kit



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