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Lainox Naboo is a combination oven for baking and cooking - it's suitable for ALL types of products.

prodotti insieme(possible configurations)

Naboo isn’t just a standard combination oven, it’s more sophisticated than that. It is a cooking device, but also much more.

LAINOX has combined a team of qualified professionals and cutting edge technology that unite to become your partners in the kitchen to simplify your business.


Technical data: (basic model)

-  for 7 trays (1/1 GN) - also available for 10, 2x7, 20 or 40

-  distance between layers: 70 mm

-  dimensions (l x d x w): 875 x 825 x 820 mm

-  el. connection: 10,5 kW

-  el. power : 3N AC 400V - 50 Hz

-  gas version available

-  steam distribution: classic water spray or evaporator


Naboo advantages

- ICS (Interactive Cooking System), an automatic cooking system for internationsl recipes including their history, ingredients, procedure, automatic cooking program and plate presentation

-- Manual cooking with three cooking modes: Convection from 30°C to 300°C, Steam from 30°C to 130°C, Combination Convection + Steam from 30°C to 300°C.

ML (Multi Level) - With the Multilevel cooking system you can cook different foods with different cooking times simultaneously and Naboo will let you know with an audible and visual signal when the tray is ready.

JIT (Just-In-Time) - You can simultaneously cook foods with different cooking times and sizes: Naboo will advise you in sequence when it is time to put the individual pans in the oven in order to be able to take them out of the oven all at the same time when cooking is complete.

jit schema

With SmokeGrill, Naboo is the first professional oven that allows grill cooking that replicates the benefits of cooking with wood - flavour, taste and aroma - without the disadvantages of wood, smoke and dirt. Food is cooked just as if it were done on the grill or barbecue.

Meat preparation »MEDIUM RARE MEAT«
The display allows for constant detection of the HACCP cooking parameters by monitoring the temperature in the chamber, the core temperature of the product and the time.

- Multipoint probe is standard and ensures perfect cooking at the product core.
2 CORE probe, a LAINOX exclusive, with a dual probe with a single attachment, you can cook different products and different sizes at the same time.

temp tipalo

- Steam cooking:
Steam cooking maintains all of the food’s nutritional value. The colours stay bright, less seasoning, water and salt are needed and, therefore, production costs are lower.
Naboo lets you steam cook at low temperatures from 30°C to 99°C, with absolute precision and with minimum water and energy consumption.

The low temperature steam, 50/85°C, is ideal for cooking half-cooked dishes like crème caramel and crème brulée or terrines and paté that, with traditional systems like double-boiler, are difficult to control.

Cooking at 100°C steam allows you to cook any type of food that otherwise must be cooked in boiling water, with greater quality.

Finally, forced steam cooking, up to 130°C, is ideal for frozen products (frozen vegetables), especially in large quantities. At this temperature there is greater heat transmission and therefore the cooking times are very quick with lower processing costs.

Aditionally: vacuum cooking in jars.




-  10-inch colour touch screen

-  DISPLAY that can be configured based on the needs of the user, bringing forward the programs used most (for exp.: folder Breakfast, Cookies ect)

-  Automatic door opening using the “Open” button (optional)

-  Lainox CLOUD - Wi-Fi/Ethernet connection system for saving personal settings, software updates, data archiving and downloading new recipes

lcd  cloud


Cleaning and maintenance

-  self-diagnosis before starting to use the equipment, with descriptive and audible signalling of any anomalies

LSC (Liquid Steam System) - liquid detergent in cartridges, (100% recycable).

SCS (Solid Clean System) - automatic cleaning system with build-in tank and automatic detergent disoensing

-  Manual cleaning system with retractable hand shower



IPX 5 protection against sprays of water

-  smooth, water-tight chamber

-  Door with double tempered glass with air chamber and interior heat-reflecting glass for less heat radiation towards the operator and greater efficiency

-  dedicted area: for point core probe, multi-probe and needle probe, for retractable hand shower, for USB connection


Nadzorna oprema

AUTOCLIMA - automatic system for measuring and controlling the humidity in the cooking chamber

ECOSPEED - Based on the quantity and type of product, Naboo optimizes and controls the delivery of energy, maintains the correct cooking temperature, preventing any fluctuations

-  ECOVAPOR - automaticly controls the steam saturation in the cooking chamber

GFT (Green Fine Tuning) - a new burner modulation system and high efficiency exchanger to prevent power waste and reduce harmful emissions

FAST DRY - system for quick dehumidification of the cooking chamber

-  6 vent speeds



Trays are an important piece of equipment in every bakery, pastry and bread shop and especially in industrial bakery.

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Cleanliness right from the start

Optimim hygiene is a highly topical requirement in all bakery operations.

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