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Combination oven with three cooking modes - convection, steam and combination of convection + steam.

Used for: different types of products, from bread to pizza, biscuits, sponge cakes, souflees, soft muffins and delicate desserts.


Technical data: (basic model)

-  for 6 trays (600 x 400 mm) - also availabe models for 8 or 15 trays (600x400mm)

-  spacing: 87 mm

-  dimensions (LxWxH): 875 x 825 x 820 mm

-  el. power: 10,5 kW

-  voltage: 3N AC 400V - 50 Hz

-  availabe as a gas model


Cooking modes

ICS (Interactive Cooking System) - an automatic cooking system for different recipes from aroud the world, including their history, ingredients, procedure, automatic cooking program and plate presentation

-  Manual cooking with 3 cooking modes: convection (30°-300°C), steam (30°-130°C) or convection + steam (30°-300°C)

ML (Multi Level) - It tells you which dishes have compatible cooking methods so you can cook different foods with different cooking times simultaneously - it reduces time and simplify costs

JIT (Just-In-Time) - you can simultaneously cook foods with different cooking times and sizes - it will advise you in sequence when it is time to put individual pans in the oven in order to take them out all at the same time




-  10'' colour screen with Touch Screen functions

-  display that can be configured based on the needs of the user, bringing forward the programs used most + organization of recipes in folders with preview, giving each folder its own name

-  automatic door opening using the Open button (optional)

-  Lainox CLOUD - Wi-Fi/Ethernet connection system for saving personal settings, software updates, downloading new recipes and more

lcd  cloud


Cleaning and maintenance

-  self-diagnosis before starting to use the equipment, with descriptive and audible signalling of any anomalies

SCS (Solid Clean System) - automatic cleaning system with built-in tank and automatic detergent dispensing

-  detergent container drawer at the front of the oven

-  manual cleaning system with retractable hand shower



IPX 5 protection against sprays of water

-  smooth, watertight chamber

-  door with double tempered glass with air chamber and interior heat-reflecting glass for less heat radiation towards the operator and greater efficiency

-  special dedicated area with universal connector for multi-point core probe, multi-probe or needle probe for vacuum cooking, automatically retractable hand shower and USB port


Control equipment

AUTOCLIMA system automatically controls the perfect climate in the cooking chamber - temperature and humidity are automaitcally controlled at the ideal levels according to the food being cooked

ECOSPEED - based on the quantity and type of product, it optimizes and controls the delivery of energy, maintains the correct cooking temperature, preventing any fluctuations

-  ECOVAPOR - with this system there is a definite reduction in water and energy consumtion due to the automatic controls of the steam saturation in the cooking chamber

GFT (Green Fine Tuning) - a new burner modulation system and hing efficiency exchanger to prevent power waste and reduce harmful emissions

FAST DRY - with this active cooking chamber dehumidification system you get the perfect crispness and browning of fried foods, grilled foods, desserts and bread, even at a full load

-  ability to choose up to 6 fan speeds



Trays are an important piece of equipment in every bakery, pastry and bread shop and especially in industrial bakery.

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Cleanliness right from the start

Optimim hygiene is a highly topical requirement in all bakery operations.

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